Guerrilla Lit Reading Series

Because the pen is mightier than the Kalashnikov (we hope)

Reading Wednesday, May 23rd

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The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series continues Wednesday, May 23rd at Bar on A

7:30 PM – 170 Avenue A, New York City

The Readers:

Ned Vizzini
Marco Rafala
Yew Leong Lee
Daniel Menasche
Kari Hoerchler

NED VIZZINI is the author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story (“insightful and utterly authentic” –New York Times Book Review), Be More Chill, and Teen Angst? Naaah…. His work has been honored by the American Library Association, BookSense, and the New York Public Library and has been translated into five languages (forthcoming in Chinese). He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

MARCO RAFALA’s fiction has appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review. As a musician, he has opened for The Psychedelic Furs, The The, and The Fixx, and has contributed to the Nine Inch Nails tribute album, “Recovered in Nails.” He is currently at work on his first novel.

YEW LEONG LEE is a Singaporean writer and artist whose work has been shown in China, Singapore, Germany, France and the United States. He has authored three hypertexts, one of which won the James Assatly Memorial Prize for Fiction in 2003. He also outed himself to a lot of people in The New York Times recently. His favorite bird is the autruche.

DANIEL MENASCHE was born with his caul in Portland, Oregon. His nonfiction has appeared in NYArts, and his first published short story is forthcoming in this summer’s issue of Tin House. He received his MFA from the New School in 2007.

KARI HOERCHLER has been forewarning science fiction fans of Mother Earth’s plans to take control of American society since the Republican National Convention hit Manhattan in 2004. In between sounding off screaming Sirens, she has scribed stories for, HX magazine and The Maneater. Most recently, she has been spotted proofreading Wall Street legal briefs the size of Delaware, when they’re not the size of the Cayman Islands.

“I have learned this –
hate an enemy knowing he may be my friend
love a friend knowing he may be my enemy.
Men are tricky things.”

from Ajax by Sophocles (translated by Robert Cannon)

Join us.

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