Guerrilla Lit Reading Series

Because the pen is mightier than the Kalashnikov (we hope)

Next Reading: Wednesday, November 17th

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Our November reading is one week earlier than usual due to the Thanksgiving holiday. So please join us on the 17th as the Guerrilla Lit Reading Series welcomes Sam Munson, Debora Kuan, and Nicole Audrey Spector.

Time: 7:30 P.M
Location: Bar on A.

Sam Munson’s first novel, The November Criminals, was published by Doubleday earlier this year. His writing has appeared in The National, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Commentary, The Times Literary
, The New York Observer, The Utopian, and numerous other publications. He lives in New York City.

Debora Kuan is a poet, writer, and art critic. She received her MFA in poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and her first collection of poems, XING, is forthcoming from Saturnalia Books in 2012. Currently a fiction fellow at The Writers’ Institute at CUNY, she lives in Brooklyn.

Nicole Audrey Spector lives off the Graham L stop with her dog and cat and roommates. She is working on several books, among them a collection of short stories.

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