Guerrilla Lit Reading Series

Because the pen is mightier than the Kalashnikov (we hope)

Wednesday, November 30th

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The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series is pleased to announce that our reading scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th is Essays & Fictions night, featuring Joseph Michaels, Greg Sanders, and Lee Goldberg.

Greg Sanders is the author of Motel Girl: Stories. His fiction has appeared in a number of journals over the years, including, most recently, Essays & Fictions. He’s at work on a second collection of stories and a novel. Greg earns his living as a technical writer at Google. More at

Lee Matthew Goldberg graduated with an MFA from the New School. He is a regular contributor to The Montreal Review and The Adirondack Review. His fiction has also appeared in Essays & Fictions, The New Plains Review, Orion headless, Verdad Magazine, and BlazeVOX. He co-curates The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series. His articles and reviews have appeared on Fiction Writers Review. He’s currently working on an adult novel, a short story collection, and a Young Adult trilogy.

Joseph Michaels — relatively youthful though he hides it well — was born in Brooklyn NY some year ago and spends his time now between residences in Forida and the prenominate state of his birth. Of his life, little else is known, and even less is worth mentioning.

Essays & Fictions publishes fictional essay, reflective essay, academic rhetorical essay, literary essay, narrative essay, lyric essay, narrative poetry, essayistic poetry, linear fiction, non-linear fiction, essayistic fiction, fictionalized memoir, false history, cultural or compositional analysis, criticism or commentary, or any blend thereof.

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